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Black Ops 4 PC player counts have doubled over last year’s game

PC player counts for Black Ops 4 are very good

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has ditched many series traditions, and it’s paying off – PC player counts are way up, and the title raked in over half-a-billion dollars in its opening weekend. Activision notes several new franchise records on current platforms, with player counts topping both Black Ops 3 and WWII’s strong launches.

Black Ops 4 is available exclusively on Battle.net, but the lack of a Steam release hasn’t hurt the game any. In the first three days on PC, the “number of players is more than double” the same period for last year’s game. The press release doesn’t provide specific numbers, of course, but we can extrapolate from there.

According to Steam Charts, Call of Duty: WWII peaked at 56,174 players in multiplayer, and 19,374 in single-player. You can double those to suspect that Black Ops 4’s peak is comfortably over 150k. Note that Activision’s release says the “number of players” have doubled, which may not be directly reflected by the highest active peaks – but this still gives us a pretty good guess.

Across all platforms, Black Ops 4 has brought in over $500 million. That includes full game sales, both digital and retail, as well as season pass revenue. Activision also notes that the game has set franchise records for “most combined players, average hours per player and total number of hours played, on current generation consoles” – an oddly specific set of numbers, but still notable ones.

The biggest question might just be Blackout vs. PUBG – and even though Black Ops’ take on battle royale might be doing well, it hasn’t nearly hit the heights of PUBG player counts. Across all modes, though, Black Ops 4 seems to be a great success for the series, and is holding strong on PC better than the series has in many years.