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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will raise the zombies once more

Call of Duty Black Ops 3

A Call of Duty announcement always comes coupled with a variety of questions. One of them is always “zombies?” Once again this year the answer is, of course, yes. Black Ops 3 is a Treyarch game after all, and they did invent the mode. 

Whilst Activision or Treyarch have not released any full details on what form zombies DLC will take this year, a listing for San Diego ComicCon shows that “Zombies director” Jason Blundell will be at the July convention to demonstrate Black Ops 3’s zombie mode.

Assuming that zombies will once again be a co-op undead-slaughter, Balck Ops 3 will be providing two cooperative experiences. For the first time Call of Duty’s campaign will be playable in co-op this year, and that’s got cyborgs in it. So no matter how you like your flesh – rotting or combined with robot bits – there’s some friendly multiplayer for everyone in Black Ops 3.

Thanks, PC Gamer.