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Call of Duty is offering Nuketown as a pre-order bonus again for Black Ops 3

Nuketown CoD

Nuketown was a pretty good map for Black Ops. People loved it, so much so that developer Treyarch decided to include it as a map in Black Ops 2 in the guise of Nuketown 2025. It was considered such a tantalising feature that it was used as a pre-order bonus to encourage sales. 

Now we’ve got a third Black Ops game coming out and… you guessed it: a third variation of Nuketown, being used as a pre-order bonus. 

You can see the concept art of Nuketown 2065 in the picture above. The map has been reimagined for Black Ops 3’s futuristic setting, with neon-lit cars and chrome/glass skyscrapers.

Pre-order Black Ops 3 and you’ll be able to play Nuketown on launch day: November 6th. (Note that in the UK, at least, the map is exclusive to those who order through GAME.)

Thanks, Polygon.