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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s opening mission demoed in 13-minute video

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

Infinity Ward have been at San Diego Comic Con this week with their upcoming Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. As part of the hype build, the studio have put together a 13-minute video showing off plenty of continuous footage from the game’s first mission.

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The lengthy video shows the game’s central character Lt. Reyes battle the evil Settlement Defense Front in futuristic Geneva, before jumping into a Jackal fighter jet and seamlessly blasting off into orbit to take the fight to the enemy’s fleet.

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In many ways the footage is the Call of Duty you’ve known for years; fast action, multiple kills, and intricately-animated weapon reloads. The futuristic setting opens the doors for some more interesting attack methods, too. While this video doesn’t show the promised grapple hook or mag-lock boots, it does have a nifty shotgun that appears to be able to lock its pellet spread onto body masses when using the holographic sight. There’s also spider bombs, and who doesn’t love them?

The outer-space sections also appear to feature flight that’s not on-rails, with plenty of circling and strafing among floating debris. 

If all this has your attention grabbed, you may want to know that if you pre-order Infinite Warfare you can get a sci-fi reimagining of Modern Warfare 2’s Terminal map.

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0V3RKILL avatarxNuke avatarAnAuldWolf avatar
0V3RKILL Avatar
1 Year ago

this time around I am sold with titanfall2. Neither CoD or battlefield has my attention this time around. Tho this looks pretty cool.

AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

But it looks so much less advanced than even the mechs in Titanfall that it's not funny. Their spaceships are less advanced than Titanfall mechs. It's like comparing a modern stealth bomber with a frickin bi-plane. I hate that every space game now is jet fighters in space for less clever neo-luddites. Because why do neo-luddites even want to go to space, anyway????

xNuke Avatar
1 Year ago

More like Call of Duty: Star Citizen. It looks bad. Really bad.

AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

I'm with you. I've never liked Call of Duty but that 'space ships as jet fighters as sex appeal to old people' makes my skin crawl. I mean, I'm far from being young myself, but I'm in tune enough with science to know that spaceships won't need to look anything like that. In fact, spaceships don't look remotely like that now, even. And the more advanced space travel becomes, the LESS like that they'll look.

All those glass windows and flight sticks just to appease anti-intellectual neo-luddites who want to explore space with "safe," antiquated technology. I just let out a big sigh, I couldn't help it. Could we, at some point, get a space game for not stupid people, please? Something Culture-ish, maybe? Please?

I wouldn't feel so irate about this if it wasn't that every space game out right now seems to be designed to appeal to neo-luddites with a fetish for jet fighters, antiquity, and being the most boring, most unimaginative, most soulless, and just... Being so devoid of romance and wonder that they're barely alive.

It's the ubiquity that gets me. When everything is that stupid, with no variety, I start to resent it. If there were just one or two space games for intelligent people, I'd feel less salty.

I don't have the jet fighter fetish. I want more fantastic, or even more realistic ships in space. I personally find the jet fighter fetish just too normal. It's just so mundane. It's the viewpoint of someone who's so lacking in creative capacities they can't even begin to conceive what space travel might actually be like.

So, instead, they put WW2 jet fighters in space. Because it's comfy, it's easy to understand. I'm surprised we don't have cars in space instead, but they'd tell you that they don't want that because it's not realistic. And jet fighters that look nothing like rockets are?

Atomic facepalm incoming. I just hate this stuff. I want to enjoy space games, but I am not a stupid person so I cannot!

It's a depressing state of affairs.