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Modern Warfare Remastered standalone is $40 and doesn’t include DLC, out now

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Update July 28, 2017: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is finally out as a standalone game on PC. 

If you've been thinking about picking it up when it's unshackled from Infinite Warfare, now's the time - the game went live on Steam yesterday. 

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It's worth noting that the shooter has been hammered with negative reviews since launch, and they're not even about the fact you have to buy the extra maps separately - many are citing performance woes. It might be a good idea to hold off a little longer if you're concerned. 

Original Story June 26, 2017: Activision said it wasn’t happening, but guess what - Modern Warfare Remastered is coming out on its own, meaning you won’t have to buy an expensive edition of COD: Infinite Warfare just to play it.  

The trailer gives a PS4 release date of June 27, though it’s noted that other platforms will release at a later date. It’s probably a similar deal to the timed exclusive map packs - it’s usually about a month difference. 

Modern Warfare Remastered features updated graphics, effects, and audio. It’s one of the better quality remasters I’ve played. 

Either way, when it does come out it’ll be $40. While the bundled version of the game came with a bunch of extra content, this standalone version will ship with the single-player and 16 base multiplayer maps. If you want the DLC maps you’ll have to pay more. 

Have a watch of the launch trailer above. 

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Sadek avatarQDP2 avatar
Sadek Avatar
9 Months ago

After all these years, Activision will still be money loving whores and not give anything to gamers from the goodness of their non existent hearts. 40$ for a 10 year old game without all the maps, maps they call DLC, when they were released 10 years ago. Every other company that does remasters, releases it with everything they had (including all the DLC that had released for it).

This is greed on another level. I'm not buying this overpriced crap for sure. If I want to play Modern Warfare, I'll just play the old one.

QDP2 Avatar
8 Months ago

You seem surprised. Welcome to the modern world I guess :P

Corporations will always be greedy, and prices will always be hiked as high as they believe possible. Many complained and put off the title for it not being available on its own. There retaliation is to sell as a full price game. Some will cave (and that will just be more profit for them) and that's all they want.

Complaints and bad publicity won't hurt them at all. They've already been through worse complaints before, obsessed fans will still buy the next title. They're just claiming more money flogging old horses whilst they can.