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Secret Call of Duty: Modern Warfare message predicted backlash to latest patch

The new Call of Duty Modern Warfare patch notes contain internal messages someone accidentally left in.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare received a sizeable patch earlier today – it’s a whopping 20GB in fact – which brings in Spec Ops missions, two new multiplayer playlists, and many fixes and corrections asked for in the community. However, the Modern Warfare patch notes for the game’s update 1.09 reveal more than most players expected – as the notes seem to feature secret internal developer messages.

The messages are attached to the notes for the adjustments to footsteps under ‘General’, and the inclusion of Gun Game to the multiplayer playlists. While the regular patch notes on Reddit do not feature the messages, the ones shared on Activision Blizzard’s Battle.net contain the secret notes.

Perhaps most of interest is the fact that whoever left the notes in – presumably someone from developer Infinity Ward – seems to anticipate a backlash to the patch. The update to ‘footsteps’, in particular, suggests a fix to an issue that the community has apparently been requesting – but the developer is well aware that this update doesn’t actually fix the issue.

The Footsteps fix says that it adjusts “volume and sound type played for crouch walk and walking while Aiming Down Sights”. However, on Battle.net the secret additional note reads, “this is a hot topic in the community, and this is not the change that they were hoping to see. Our core players want to see footstep volume dramatically reduced.” You can see a screenshot of the message below (spotted by CharlieIntel).

It’s not the only developer message to make its way into the Battle.net patch notes, either – although the second is a bit more positive. This time the developer notes – attached to the mention of the Gun Game playlist – say that its “a fan favourite mode and we should see positive sentiment around its addition.”

It’s unclear how these internal messages got left in the latest Modern Warfare patch notes, and why they’re only in the Battle.net version. It’s very possible they’ll have both been removed by the time you read this, however – and we’re sure Infinity Ward will be more careful to proofread before posting next time.