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Call of Duty: WW2’s War mode is COD’s first objective-based, attack/defend gametype

COD WW2 war mode

Sledgehammer and Activision just had a blow-out stream on multiplayer information for Call of Duty: WW2. After the trailer yesterday, seen above, they had a lot more to explain about the big topics: Divisions, Headquarters, maps, and the new War mode.

Here’s the Call of Duty: WW2 release date, and everything else we know.

Here’s the Cliff Notes version, and you can see the full archive beneath:

  • Divisions
    • This is WW2’s version of create-a-class, and lets you decide your own playstyle.
    • Perks are removed, but replaced with “training” – various pre-made selections of abilities that stick together on top of a basic division.
    • Then on top of that you decide your primary weapon, secondary weapon, attachments, etc.
    • Mentioned Division types were run and gun, snipers, and explosives experts, with more to come in the future.
    • Progression isn’t finalised and they’ll have more to discuss on that in the future.
  • Headquarters
    • This is WW2’s new social hub, a place to hang out as well as the main multiplayer menu. You can even spend time there while queuing for matches.
    • It has various expected social bits – being able to talk with and commend other players, with up to 48 folks all in one area.
    • It also has various PvP elements, including a 1v1 arena and a competitive shootout against wooden targets.
  • Maps
    • All the maps in WW2 are based on real locations and battles.
    • They’ve gone with a diverse range of maps, including larger ones like the new Gibralter map.
    • Team Deathmatch and Domination modes are back, but the big news is…
  • War mode
    • This is, essentially, COD’s first try at the attack and defend, custom objective gametype. Think Assault from Unreal Tournament, only in 6v6 with M1 Garands
    • Each War map is specifically built for that, and has a loose narrative thread to keep you moving.
    • You’ll do things like capture bridges and escort armour divisions across them, or capture artillery to turn it on your enemies.

Beyond these key points, it was also discussed that there will be no Nazis in multiplayer or zombies, but you’ll be able to play as a woman in either. The vehicles that were seen in the trailer are restricted to score streaks, though War mode has some of its own. You’ll also be able to call in paratroopers with a score streak. Expect more details on that when we hear more back from the show.

The archive’s up on Facebook. Game’s out November 3 in a holiday period that got a whole lot more ridiculous over the past 24 hours.