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Here are all the weapons, perks, and classes in COD:WW2’s Zombies mode


Heaps of information about Call of Duty: WWII’s Zombies mode has apparently been datamined from the PC beta. The infodump includes details on the game mode’s maps, classes, in-game perk machine powerups, weapons, gameplay mechanics, and more.

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All the weapons are listed along with their pack-a-punch upgrades, as are the Wonder Weapons, one of which is dramatically named ‘Bloodthirst’. The wonder weapons are listed alongside their codenames, all of which start with “ZOMBIES_WEAPON_TESLA,” so perhaps they’ll be variations on one of the many lightning-spitting guns we’ve seen in COD’s Zombies modes before.

It looks like players will also be able to prestige in Zombies mode – a feature first introduced in COD: Black Ops III. Feel free to click through to the Reddit post here. Do treat it with the same scepticism you would any unconfirmed leak.