Black Ops 2 double weapon XP weekend gets underway tonight


It might be easier if we start reporting the days when Black Ops isn’t buckling under the influence of an extended double-something holiday. It’s been only two days since the last extra XP free-for-all came to a close, and already Treyarch have announced that you’ll get twice the virtual buck for your bang over this weekend.

“You might want to ping The Replacer so that you’re ready to take advantage of 2xWeaponXP this weekend”, tweeted the developers yesterday.

The festival of firearms begins at 10am PDT / 5pm GMT, and will run through til the same time on Monday morning.

This and last week’s events have bookended the release of Black Ops 2: Uprising on Tuesday, which introduced four new PvP multiplayer maps to the game – ‘Magma’, ‘Encore’, ‘Studio’, and ‘Vertigo’ – as well as a zombie-infested, Ray Liotta-inhabited Alcatraz. Struggling to visualise that last one? Try this:

Thanks, Black Ops Blog.