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Black Ops 2 to have War mode-alike added to multiplayer


Remember when Treyarch were Call of Duty’s second studio and Infinity Ward hadn’t been gutted from the inside? The former made a game called World at War, and it featured a new multiplayer mode. Named War. Well – now they’re working on bringing back something similar for contemporary mega-success Black Ops 2.

“No plans to bring back War at this time,” began David Vondehaar on Reddit, unpromisingly.

But he added: “Never say never. Here is a hint. We have a very War like mode, that isn’t exactly War, that I would love to tell you about, but I can’t because … dragged away by PR.”

War mode was a Capture the Flag variant that saw players chase after five of the things. However, only one flag was in contention at a time. When one was captured, the next-closest to the enemy spawn point would be activated, moving the centre of play about several times during a match a la Battlefield’s Rush mode.

“We have some [of] our own new gamemodes we are eager to try out,” Vonderhaar continued, but wouldn’t be pressed on them. What would you like to see added to Black Ops 2 post-release?

Thanks, OXM.