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Black Ops 2 live action trailer directed by Guy Ritchie, entitled ‘Surprise’ [UPDATE: It’s back!]

Black Ops 2

At the beginning of this year’s X Factor live shows, Dermot O’Leary – the host/caretaker whose empathetic gruffness is instrumental in sweeping blubbing contestants offstage – made his entrance Gangnam Style, accompanied by a troupe of backing dancers. At the time, it marked the pinnacle of brain-bypass pop culture excess. It’s been toppled this afternoon by a little number noted director Guy Ritchie’s put together to promote Black Ops 2.

UPDATE: The trailer vanished from YouTube for a bit, reportedly in violation of the site’s policy against “spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content”. But it’s back now!Guy Ritchie will be so chuffed.

Fair warning: Every three or four seconds or so, a face is framed in such a way that you just know you’re supposed to recognise them. You will not recognise even half of them.

What’s your mug recollection total? I got three. Four. No, three.