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Black Ops 2 multiplayer changes mean Call of Duty “can be a team game again”, say Treyarch


The host of changes coming to Black Ops 2 multiplayer will make Call of Duty a game people play in teams together, rather than simply next to each other, says Treyarch’s David Vonderhaar. “I think players are going to start caring about winning and losing again, and are going to go out of their way to work together. All these places in the game where we subconsciously did that: the League Play feature does it. Multi-team does the same thing. I just think this can be a team game again.”

Speaking to Eurogamer, Vonderhaar described the wealth of teamwork possibilities the new score streak system allows for: “Grabbing flags and capping them can give you score. And then you can get a guy who maybe can’t necessarily go on a big kill streak invested in the system and give him some rewards. Why doesn’t he deserve rewards? He probably deserves them more than some guy just standing off somewhere just generating kills, and that’s all he’s doing.”

He added: “People are people and they enjoy the game the way they enjoy it. But if you like to participate in the reward system then you probably will participate because you’re going to get more score. Even if you’re a big KD guy, even if you can go on a big kill streak or get lots of kills without dying, even you are going to get lots more score when you’re putting targets down because you’re protecting the flag carrier or you are the flag carrier.

“So just using something other than a one or a zero gives us some room to move here. It’s a lot of fun that way for everybody.”