Black Ops 2 multiplayer trailer documents life in Nuketown 2025


The more we see of Black Ops 2, the more it becomes apparent that Treyarch are flexing their creative sternocleidomastoid muscles like never before. There’s the thuggish sci-fi of the main campaign of course, and a chance to see the US in flames from the cool-kid back seat of a school bus in zombie co-op Tranzit. But Nuketown 2025 is the most imaginative workout of the lot – a future reimagining of the popular Black Ops map which channels ‘50s consumerism, of all things.

As of now, Nuketown isn’t a part of the game proper. It’s available with a pre-order, but a pre-order’s only available with hard cash and a lot of faith. Here’s a box, containing 48 seconds with all the information you’ll need to decide whether 2025’s worth it:

Potshots over picket fences. C4 over sandwiches. Will you be duking dutifully in the ‘Model Home of the Future’?