Black Ops 2 scorestreaks “reward you because you’re helping your team”, replacing killstreaks


Speaking to CVG, Vonderhaar’s changes result from seeing placing the emphasis on kills makes players adapt to maximise their productivity:

“There are definitely people who play, say, Domination because they know guys are going to gather around objectives and they can kill them. And if the core reward system in the game is rewarding that then we’re saying kills are the most important thing, and that’s our fault. We need to make sure the reward system goes with the game modes. If we think a flag capture should be worth two kills or three kills or five kills, we can do that now

“And it’s not like I don’t give you score for shooting people; it’s still a shooter, but I’m going to give you more score when you place a guard turret and protect a path. I’m going to give you points if you have an assault shield and you’re blocking damage on your team with it. I’m going to reward you because you’re helping your team. Our new core reward system is always based on the things that make you win the game modes.”

Rewards like predator missiles and attack dogs will be allotted when you pass a score, rather than when you get a number of kills.

This change brings the series much closer to the Battlefield franchise who, since Bad Company 2, score you much higher for helping your teammates or scoring objectives than getting kills.