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Black Ops 2 tactical insertion uses real GPS coordinates


Treyarch’s latest Call of Duty is riddled with details, from the clearly much researched effects of shooting men in the head to using real world latitude and longitude readings on its tactical insertion device.

The find was made by Reddit user lookingtheotherway, posting on Reddit that they Noticed that the latitude and longitude that shows up on the tactical insertion was different on each map decided to check it out from the map raid with google earth..[sic] it was actually accurate”

Posting these images with the post, a screen grab of the tactical insertion being used on the map Raid:

And those coordinates on Google Maps:

Considering Raid takes place in a mansion in Hollywood it looks as though everything lines up.

I tried checking for myself, finding a screenshot of the tactical insertion being used on the Yemen map, and feeding the numbers into Google.The numbers aren’t entirely clear and so I made a couple of judgement calls, it came pretty close, getting the right region, though not Yemen itself. As that was likely through my own mistake, this does seem legit.

Yes it’s not big news that will shake you to its core but it’s a lovely little detail included by Treyarch.