Black Ops 2’s Nuketown 2025 remade for real-life paintballing

Black Ops 2

The original Nuketown was one of Black Ops’ best-loved maps, but its fans haven’t been particularly well-served by Treyarch since. Its Black Ops 2 successor, Nuketown 2025, was first available only as a pre-order bonus – and for a short while afterwards, not at all. Thankfully, some enterprising souls in Illinois have built a version of the map which should prove a little tougher to remove from rotation.

The one-to-one recreation of Nuketown was opened last weekend at Paintball Explosion in East Dundee, Illinois. It’s all there: the white picket fencing, the yellow school bus, and the sign – though that now reads ‘Nuketown 2013’. Just beneath the year, you’ll spot the logo of Tipmann Sports – the paintball manufacturer who funded the development.

This isn’t the park’s first Call of Duty-themed site. That would be the World at War field.

If you fancy it, you can watch the new map given a spin by men and women who take their amateur potshotting very, very seriously indeed:

Imagine getting so worked up about pretend shooting, eh? Oh. Mmm.

Thanks, MP1st and Polygon.