Black Ops Mac release date revealed, with no sequel in sight


We’ve double-taked and double-checked, but there’s no two ways about it – there’s no number suffixing that title. It’s Black Ops the First that’s coming to Mac on Steam this week, say publisher Aspyr, giving Mac owners all of 21 days in the sun before the PC release of Black Ops 2 comes crashing down, leaving them one game behind the zeitgeist yet again.

Black Ops Mac will hit Steam and other digital retail stores on September 27th, with a Mac App Store release scheduled for “shortly after”.

It’ll sell for $49.99, a figure with an unsavoury full price smell about it. It will, however, come bundled with February 2011’s First Strike Content Pack, which includes four multiplayer maps – ‘Berlin Wall’, ‘Discovery’, ‘Kowloon’, ‘Stadium’ – and one zombie map: ‘Ascension’.

The Rezurrection Pack will be available for $14.99 at launch, with two further DLC releases – Escalation and Annihilation – coming to Mac later this year as a single purchase.

It’s nevertheless something of a rum deal Aspyr are offering for a game not far shy of its second birthday. Its sequel is upon us and, such is the speed at which CoD culture canters furiously on, Black Ops feels a lot older than it is.

Let us know what you think, Mac-ees. Are Aspyr asking for too much, too late?