Call of Duty: Black Ops 2: Revolution DLC trailer is a little Tarantino, a little Terry Tate, a lot awkward


I’m getting hints of Pulp Fiction’s Mr Wolf, a soupçon of Terry Tate, and a lot of the Fargo woodchipper scene (careful, haters of gore), not the standard trend of influences for a DLC trailer. That’s not to say the whole thing should be thrown on the pyre of failed attempts, if anything, game trailers that break from the traditional format should be lauded (so long as they actually include footage of the game). 

Form your own opinion below.

The DLC in question is Revolution. We’ve written about the /many/ firsts Treyarch are bringing to the game with this download and, truly, you do not want me to list them again. the key thing is new maps and playable zombies.

It’s due for release on 29 January.