Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward working on something Steam Box related


Infinity Ward have posted an image to their Facebook which suggests they may have got into bed with the Piston, a mini computer designed by Xi3, endorsed by Valve, and possibly to become one of the first Steam Boxes (I still lament that the Steam box is the name everyone opted for and not the Gabe Cube).

Speculation on what this all means is dramatically withheld till after the break.

The most likely result of this Infinity Ward-branded Piston is simply that, like often happens with consoles, the developer is endorsing a version of the hardware emblazoned with their logo, allowing owners to show off their allegiance to the Infinity Wardbrand, their franchises, and the ideology of the studio overlord. Meaning that this is a standard Piston with a logo painted on.

Another possibility is that Valve have swung to have Infinity Ward launch their nextgame (rumoured to be Modern Warfare 4)fully compatible with the Piston. Making sure that it is fully optimised for the mini PC and to support all the Steam overlay that may be part of the computer’s living room setup.

A thirdpossibilityis that someone at Infinity Ward has made a three-times scale version of the Piston, iPhone, and blurry computer monitor, just to troll the internet.

Thanks, Gamespot.