Call of Duty: Ghosts has female soldiers, dynamic maps, and AI-controlled squads


Call of Duty: Ghosts is out now; here’s our Call of Duty: Ghosts review.

Call of Duty now has women. It’s taken Activision more than ten games to add the humans with ovaries but Call of Duty: Ghosts let you create female soldiers.

Lots of other details were also shown off: dynamic map events, the new squad system, new weapons and the new weapon class, new game modes, and new killstreaks.

I’ve noted down as many features as my slow, shuddery hands could. They’re typed up below under the first Ghosts multiplayer trailer.

Activision Publishing’s CEO Eric Hirshberg took to the stage to say things like Call of Duty: Ghosts will “unlock the inner soldier in all of us” and “You can’t count on much in this world but every year you can count on Call of Duty.”

Those aren’t features but, well, I wouldn’t want you to continue this evening without knowing a man said in front of an audience of people that Call of Duty will “unlock the inner soldier in all of us”.

The video shows how maps now have destructible sections. We see a large sign a sniper was using as cover blown to smithereens with a satchel charge; an elevator’s cables snapped, dropping the platform to the floor. It’s not quite the destructibility on offer in Battlefield but it’s definitely something that will shake up multiplayer matches a little.

We also see how you can now customise the bodies of your soldiers. The best change of that system is you can now have lady soldiers. As well as that you can pick a lot more of a soldier’s gear, dressing them up in heavy armour and special helmets. This will now affect the amount of bullets you can take in multiplayer and the speed which you can move at. There are apparently more than 20,000 different combinations of gear.

The squad mode referred to briefly in the video is the biggest addition to Call of Duty multiplayer that Ghosts will bring. As you now create soldiers instead of classes, these can now be formed into squads and controlled by your friends of AI companions. There are a new set of game modes specifically set up to be played in co-op or solo against other AI-controlled squads.

Squads sounds more than a little ace. It’s be a great introduction for new players who aren’t yet ready to take on multiplayer. This is doubly the case because you earn XP while playing in squad mode so you can level yourself up a little before taking to the battles online.

As numbers go, Infinity Ward’s executive producer Mark Rubin said that there’d be 30 new weapons and 20 new scorestreaks in the game. They’re also, finally, adding a weapon class that bridges assault rifles and sniper rifles. These semi-automatic rifles can be played with iron sights or scopes and so work much as the KAR98 and M1 Garand did in Call of Duty 2.

Two new game modes were shown, too.

Cranked is much like team deathmatch but when you kill a player a 30 second countdown begins. If you don’t get another kill before the time is up you explode. It’s not all bad, during those 30 seconds you have increased speed, aim down your sights faster, and reload quickly.

Search and Rescue develops the Kill Confirmed mode. When a player is killed they drop a dog tag. If their team grabs the tag then the player respawns into the match. If the enemy get the tag then the player is out for the round. It puts a great deal of pressure on players to collect tags, even when they’re in open ground.

Both modes sounds like excellent fun.

Call of Duty: Ghosts is due out this November.