Call of Duty Ghosts revealed: sympathetic characters, dog companion, massive explosions


Call of Duty: Ghosts is out now; here’s our Call of Duty: Ghosts review.

Earlier this evening/morning a rather big corporation revealed a pretty massive glossy box that plays TV shows and does Skype calls at the same time. Also at this announcement was the reveal of the new Call of Duty trailer, because apparently those games are pretty big with their target audience. It’ll be on PC too though, so that’s pretty cool. Call of Duty Ghosts promises to be a more human experience, with a brand new world, somber music, a loveable doggy, and massive explosions.

We’ve all got to the point now where we roll our eyes when Activision and Infinity Ward promise a ‘brand new’ Call of Duty experience. But this trailer does look as if they’re actually trying this time. Yes there’s still men with guns jumping out of exploding buildings, but there is a notable shift in tone from the rather gung-ho trailers of yesteryear. The somber music that eliminates the sound of gunfire emphasises a feeling of loss. Set ten years after some kind of catastrophic event, there’s a kind of post-apocalyptica-lite feel to the world. Your character will be accompanied by a dog too, and who doesn’t love a dog? Clearly our Navy SEAL-trained canine will offer a massive dose of heart to a series that has been about nothing but tiresome mass murder for countless years.

Well, possibly.

The story is being handled by Stephen Gaghan, who wrote the critically acclaimed film Traffic, and he’s promised to make the world and people in it something you’ll want to care about. Multiplayer is being shaken up a bit, with ‘dynamic’ maps and customisable characters.

Call of Duty Ghosts launches later this year, presumably in line with the result of Microsoft’s Xbox One VHS player.