New Black Ops 2 multiplayer changes leaked


Some fairly concrete sounding rumours have surfaced around changes to Black Ops 2’s multiplayer mode. Specifically, the Create A Class mode is reported to be swapping to a new points allocation system, replacing the existing method whereby weapons and perks are swapped in and out of fixed slots. Rumours! These ones seem legit, though.

As MP1ST reports, the new Black Ops 2 multiplayer feature very briefly appeared on the Weekend Confirmed podcast before being hastily redacted. Podcast host Garnet Lee spoke of a customisable class system in which players allocate a limited number of points across areas such as guns, attachments, perks and equipment.

“They’ve taken out the slot system,” explains Garnet in the original version of the podcast. “[Previously,] everything was based off of: I have a gun slot, I have a secondary slot, I have a tactical slot, I have perk slots. They’ve gotten rid of that plan. They still have those spaces, but now they’re using allocation points. So you have ten allocation points and this allows you to configure your soldier to do whatever you want to, however you want to. So if you want to go extreme, you can allocate all your points into perks, have no weapons andrely on a knife kill to get a gun. But once you do get a gun you’re loaded for bear. You’ve got all the perks because you used your allocation points to build those extra perks in there.”

An interesting and unexpected shake-up, one that could keep Black Ops 2’s multiplayer feeling daisy-fresh.Also detailed was a new free-for-all mode in which players with limited weaponry must enlist the help of the map’s hackable turrets and drones, turning them on opponents while attempting to keep them on-side. A bit like King of the Hill then, except wherethe Hill is an angry Johnny Five.

And yes, I had to google the phrase “loaded for bear“.

Source: MP1ST