Three minutes of Black Ops 2 gameplay footage leaked from internal beta; looks like Counter-Strike


Three minutes of Black Ops 2’s multiplayer has been leaked from what appears to be an internal beta.

Link and impressions below.

Now, Activison and Youtube being the folk they are, the
footage has been pulled from the interweb. Unluckily for them, Kotaku grabbed
it first. Unluckily for us, they’ve embedded it in a manner that I can’t easily
pilfer. Thus
leading me to link you to them
. But, because we’re a very partisan site,
and expect our readers to be too. You better come right back after watching it,
and, whilst over there, if you can ruffle some feathers and turn over a couple
of tables then we’ll love you all the more.

Back? Good.

I’m liking the verticality. As well as having enterable
buildings with multiple floors, the hill and winding street element could make
for some tough pitched street fighting.

Though, is it just me, or when they guy switched into
spectator mode didn’t it look a lot like Counter-Strike? No bad thing, but I
was picking up a bit of a Dust vibe.