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Treyarch devs have “zero tolerance” approach to cheaters in PC version of Black Ops II


In a Q&A we’ve received from Treyarch’s PC team, the developers behind Black Ops II have described their approach to cheaters that “ruin the experience for legit players”. Cheaters will face a “zero tolerance” policy via the banhammer; while new technology will mine server side logs for signature behaviour patterns.

The technology the Treyarch team have developed mines the server logs for patterns of behavior that signify cheating. “This method is secure, cannot be spoofed, and doesn’t rely on the cat and mouse game of identifying cheat signatures,” say Treyarch. “The original Black Ops engine was not designed for this. But we have still managed to catch and ban a mind-boggling number of cheaters with this method. Black Ops II is built from the ground up to do this much more effectively than its predecessor.”
The server side tech supplement’s Valve’s anti-cheat systems – it will run in parallel.