Treyarch issue temporary workaround for Black Ops 2 disconnection problems


Ping spikes! Disconnection issues! Some Black Ops 2 players are suffering from a range of gnarly multiplayer symptoms following the game’s latest update, everything from dropped connections mid-match, failures to connect to servers in the first place, and the game generally just sort of forgetting the internet exists. Treyarch’s intrepid pcdev is on the case however, issuing a helpful workaround while work progresses on a proper fix.

Posting on the community forums, the dutiful tinkerer announced:

We have identified an issue with increased upload bandwidth usage for some players that could result in the one or more of the following symptoms:

– Getting disconnected from matches
– Sudden ping spike during gameplay
– Difficulty connecting to the Black Ops 2 Servers
– Getting disconnected from the Black Ops 2 Servers
– Temporary loss of internet connectivity

Users experiencing any of the issues mentioned above can try the following workaround:

– Launch Black Ops 2 Multiplayer
– Go to the Options > Settings > Voice Chat– Turn Voice Chat – OFF
– Exit the game completely
– Restart the game

Following these steps may resolve some of the symptoms listed above.
We are still testing a proper fix that will be released as soon as it is ready.

Fairly straightforward then: just switch off voice chat and restart, though pcdev stresses that this might not fix the problem for all players. If you’re still being unceremoniously flung out of games, you’ll have to wait for Treyarch to finish work on a sturdier, more official solution.