Capcom’s bringing its arcade emulation collection to PC, and charging $1 for a cheat

I guess paying your way past death is the truest arcade experience of all

Capcom released a pair of love letters to its own retro games earlier this year, exclusively on Switch. Now, both the Capcom Arcade Stadium collection and Ghost ‘n Goblins Resurrection are coming to Steam, along with some additional content – including a $1 piece of DLC that adds an invincibility cheat to all those old arcade games.

If you weren’t following Capcom Arcade Stadium when it hit Switch, there’s a free download that gets you access to 1943, and a series of packs (or individual purchases) will get you access to over 30 additional arcade classics. There are more old games coming to the collection in the future, too.

There are already plenty of options in the collection to let you customise your experience, including save states, rewind features, and difficulty swaps. However, you can’t straight-up turn on an invincibility cheat – at least, not until the $0.99 USD DLC featuring invincibility mode launches alongside the Steam version of the collection. I guess paying to bypass death is the truest arcade experience of all.

Capcom Arcade Stadium hits Steam (and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) on May 25. Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection will follow on the same platforms on June 1.

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