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Capcom: We can’t go on ignoring shooting and strategy games

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Capcom has plans to become the world’s number one game developer, and to do so, it needs to start making the kind of games it’s never really made before. That’s not my advice, but rather the strategy the company itself claims it needs to take on board.

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As spotted by super sleuth NeoGAF poster Nirolak, the company made the assertion as part of its annual report, noting that it can’t just keep making the kind of games it always has. Genres previously alien to it need to become mainstays if it is to conquer all before it, and that includes shooters and strategy games.

“Going forward, as we aim to become the world’s number one game developer, we feel that while it is of course necessary to advance and expand upon existing content, it is also necessary to take on new challenges,” the firm details.

“We cannot ignore genres such as shooting and strategy games with massive numbers of players when considering Consumer, Online and eSports market growth potential.

“We will make use of our strengths and keep a close watch on market trends while moving forward with the kind of game creation only possible at Capcom. The new challenges have only just begun.”

Could Capcom be set to make a greater mark on the PC in the years ahead then? It looks likely.

Elsewhere, Capcom also claims it’s in the process of digging up old IP to re-imagine them, but it appears that’s mainly aimed at the console and mobile markets, rather than PC. Shame.