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Carrier Command: Gaea Mission has a demo, is a Bohemia Interactive game that exists


It says much of DayZ’s all-consuming popularity – not to mention the autonomy Bohemia Interactive allow their most famous employee – that while Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall hosted Eurogamer Expo’s most packed developer session over the weekend, he didn’t see fit to mention his company’s imminent new game. But there is indeed a new game from Bohemia Interactive – a remake/sequel to real-time strategy classic Carrier Command, named Gaea Mission – and you can play its demo right now.

It comes with “two demo-exclusive assaults on the Thermopylae and Granite islands”, first granting control of an amphibious vehicle, the Walrus, before jumping forwards to a later sequence in the Granite islands, where players can get a taste of Gaea Mission’s open world – driving Walruses, flying Mantas, and ordering units about using the tactical map.

Bohemia reckon it’ll last you around 45 minutes – start here. A Steam release is coming soon – will you be giving Gaea Mission a go?