Carrier Command: Gaea Mission release date confirmed as September 27


Bohemia’s confirmed that Carrier Command: Gaea Mission will arrive on September 27, delivering two literal boatloads of wet and wild, action-strategy, island-hopping fun-times. They’ve also revealed a creepy trailer that strikes the tone of its futuristic war-waging, beneath which is an ominous countdown clock. Oh my, it’s counting down from inside the house. Get out! Hold on, no, it’s counting down to four o’clock tomorrow. Phew.

Perhaps once the countdown reaches its thrilling climax we’ll be told more about Gaea Mission’s plot. The beta is missing the sci-fi-skewed story mode campaign, so I’ve no idea why the enemy carrier is so angry at me, but the underlying strategy game here is a sharp mix of resource network management and first-person vehicle combat across a giant procedurally generated archipelago.

It’s actually remarkable similar to the original Carrier Command, which came out one thousand years ago, in 1988.