Cartel to offer facial reconstruction plan in next The Old Republic update


Are you unhappy with your nose? Eye colour? Even race? Never fear, BioWare have felt your disturbance in the Force and will be offering more character customisation options in Star Wars: The Old Republic’s next game update.


Available at the Cartel Market, the Appearance Designer Kiosk will allow players to alter the physical properties of their character, from hairstyles and facial features right through to changing species.

Talking of species, BioWare will be introducing a new playable race in the 2.1 update. The Cathar are a feline warrior species, so if you were hoping to play as a Thundercat in a galaxy far, far away, this is probably your best chance.

If it’s more SWTOR’s fashion sense than biology that irks you, then you might find the new Dye Modules the perfect solution. All crafted gear above level 15

Other services coming with 2.1 will allow you to rename your character and guild. All these new options will come at the expense of Cartel Coins.