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Castle Crashers is getting a free remaster on Steam, sort of


Castle Crashers is getting a free update on Steam to make it more pretty, increasing the texture sizes and upping the frame rate. On top of this, most of the extras from the remastered Xbox One version, like the multiplayer minigame Back Off Barbarian!, will be downloaded along with the visual enhancements. 

Don’t call it Castle Crashers Remastered, though.

“Here’s the poop: on consoles, every time we upgrade from ‘this generation’ to the ‘next generation’, the hardware will drastically change,” reads the blog post. “For the most part, because of these changes, games are not compatible between generations so developers like us need to rewrite the code to make it work on the new machine.

“To avoid confusion, developers add stuff like ‘HD!’ ‘Remastered’, ‘Gold Edition’ to differentiate between the versions. But what about our favorite thoroughbred workhorse, the PC? Well, since the CPU architecture is not changing, a new version is not required. We just need to post an update to what is already there. So we don’t need the ‘Remastered’ any more.”

Well that’s that, then. Another reason for the lack of the “Remastered” label, is that all the DLC that was included in the Xbox One version won’t be getting added to the game for free. If you want the DLC, you’ll have to pay for it as always. What do you want? Blood?

There’s no definitive date for the update, but it’s being coded as I type and the plan is to get it out this year.