VR enthusiasts make a tracker configuration so you don’t step on your cat in HTC Vive

VR cat

We’ve all been there. You’re playing away in VR, lost in your own little virtual world, stumbling blindly around your bedroom, unaware of what’s happening in reality. Suddenly, you stand on your cat. Your cat is now dead and you have to purchase a new cat. 

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Luckily, someone’s made a VR tracker so this unfortunate, constantly-recurring incident never rears its messy head again.

Using the Vive’s VR tracker, the inventors have made a little jacket for their cat, strapped it on, and configured it to display a model of a polygonal cat in the VR space. Have a look:

As the Dodo video points out, this tech doesn’t just have to be for cats. You could also use it to see your dog in VR, or perhaps a baby. Please don’t step on babies.