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Champions of Anteria is Ubisoft’s new PC RTS, debut trailer features the word “checkeroonie”

Champions of Anteria

Ubisoft have announced Champions of Anteria, a tactical RTS from Blue Byte, the studio behind the Anno series of stategy games.

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The fantasy game pits the player against hordes of trolls and cyclopses and various other mythical creatures and will be released on August 30.

To help you destroy them and reclaim the 26 territories of your kingdom, the player commands five champions, each mastering one of the five elements: water, fire, lightning, nature and – er – metal.

Everyone’s in here, you’ve got the sword and shield “meathead” Vargus, the “vegan” monk Anslem and y’know, the woman. The archer one.

Before each battle, you choose three of the five best suited to the upcoming enemies (i.e. Water vs Fire, Lightning vs Water and…Metal vs Nature?) and also which powers to give them.

In the midst of the fray, something called Active Pause Mode lets you (gasp) pause the game in order to figure out what to do next.

Once defeating the enemy in one of four named mission modes (prison defence, hostage rescue, enemy hunt and reaching a zone in the territory) you return to your home base to craft new armour, or weapons, or trinkets from one of 105 recipes. That’s it for progression though, there’s no xp to gain on the field or loot drops.

The game seems to be going for a comedy vibe, but judging by the trailer, is going to miss by an Anterian mile and leave you considering an Adam Sandler movie to wash the taste out.

Let’s go through the trailer shall we?

  • Begins with serious voiceover and then record scratches into “psychedelic monster crabs”? Check.
  • The champions are designed from D&D starter character sheets with no alterations? Check.
  • Checkeroonie? Check.