Chemical Spillage Simulation does exactly what it says on the hazmat suit warning label


Ever wanted to handle dangerous chemicals but didn’t have access to the chemicals/valued your hands/were too afraid to ask? Chemical Spillage Simulation may be the game for you, all that mopping up fun but without the risk mutating into that thing at the end of Robocop.

You begin life as a lowly chemical spillage worker, putting out fires, wiping up spills and [unconfirmed:] wiping down ducks doused in detergent. From those humble beginnings you rise tin the ranks to command a whole fleet of spillage response vehicles, handling larger and more dangerous incidents.

Unfortunately there aren’t any videos of the game in action just yet but there is this screenshot of a truck:


Excalibur Publishing aim to have you in your hazmat and saving civvies from burns and melting on the 14 June. You can preorder the game from their official site.

Cheers, VG247.