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Child of Light video shows off its painterly fantasy world

Child of Light Ubisoft

Ubisoft’s been making quiet waves about its UbiArt Framework engine, the technology behind its recent Rayman games. The Engine also powers Child of Light, a beautiful fantasy tactical game.

The latest trailer shows off the variety in Child of Light’s world, from classical statues overgrown with leaves and weeds to 18th centure caravans to bulbous, organic hot air balloons.

While it’s easy to focus on a game’s visuals, they’re usually its most immediate element, this trailer is clearly designed to do just that: show what Ubisoft’s artists have been capable of. Just look at the results:

child of light 3 alskdn.png
child of light 1 alskdn.png
child of light 2 alskdn.png

And over all the images is one of the pieces from the game’s score, composed by Coeur de Pirate. It sounds like something that could be in Amelie. You can see a bit more about it in this video put out by Ubisoft:

Steve’s had a chance to play a preview build of the game and he’s been completely won over by the game’s art, the characters’ rhyming couplet speech, and tactical combat. You can hear him talk about it in our podcast, too.

I can’t wait to step into Lemuria myself.