Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior (As Seen On TV) pits Medieval Soldier v Samurai v Spartan


Chivalry’s new expansion had me reminded of that ‘historical’ TV programme in which experts calculate the relative murderousness of, say, a gaggle of ninjas and the SAS on an off-day, and I was about to say as much – until a moment’s research revealed that that this is a genuine crossover with that same show. Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior takes the involved bashing and slashing of its parent game and adds Spartans, Samurai and more to the mix.

Here’s a trailer. New maps will enable these new warriors to perform at their best in a familiar environment, and a multi-team mode looks to prove suitably hectic. At 0:46, you’ll note that in their pursuit of the deadly truth, Chivalry studio Torn Banner have recreated the fabled Spartan kick as recorded in the volumes of historian Frank Miller:

Visit the official website and you’ll find four silhouettes representing the in-game alpha males yet to be revealed, as well as a ludicrous vote-off between the Samurai and Spartan. The latter appears to be winning out – presumably because of his comprehensive nipple protection.

You can get a good sense for the 3am pub argument tone of Deadliest Warrior (cancelled in 2011, RIP) via the somewhat theatrical analysis of the Black Ops-famous ballistic knife below:

Let’s settle this in the comments, readers. Who is the deadliest ca-, um, warrior of them all?