Choose your own XCOM adventure in a new interactive YouTube gameplay video


The canny marketing team over at Firaxis have created a choose your own adventure edition of XCOM that harks back to the era of the original’s release whilst being an advert for the new game.

Check it out below to see if you can get your team through unscathed.

What this YouTube video/game has shown me is that I’m rubbish at XCOM, losing my entire assault team by the second turn.

It’s more of a tutorial for what the game’s about more than anything else but it’s helped to ease the rumbling in my tactical stomach.

You can download the demo for XCOM right now if you’d like to try the game out. Though reports are that it’s not a conclusive example of the game.

The full game can be preordered through Steamprior to its release in 9 October.