Chris Roberts and co. hire a fan after witnessing “just gorgeous” Star Citizen video


Star Citizen is a huge vessel, still under construction – and it won’t be leaving the hangar any time soon. That’s no barrier to its thousands-strong community, though, who have filled the game’s forums with Eve-like plans for system takeovers and videos built from early in-game files. One fan used the scant available assets so creatively, in fact, that Cloud Imperium have offered him a job.

The video, by Youtuber AnythingFPS, depicts the night shift on a Constellation – one of the ships released in early form to Star Citizen backers:

“Constantly we’re getting inundated with really, really cool videos that you guys have put together – not just forum feedback questions, but actually taking our assets and making something really, really cool out of it,” said Star Citizen community liaison, Wingman.

“One person really stood out in that regard in the last week or two – it’s AnythingFPS on Youtube. I highly recommend you check out his thing. He’s done this incredible walkthrough of the Constellation. He’s using all the animations, he’s putting all the people in there, cloning all of our characters and having them be part of the thing. It’s just absolutely beautiful.

“We’ve actually reached out to AnythingFPS because we think his work is so good that we wouldn’t mind him working for us in a direct manner,” revealed Wingman. “So AnythingFPS, if you’re watching, you need to answer that HR email that I sent. Because we want you.”

It seems AnythingFPS knows his way around Cloud Imperium’s modified CryEngine as well as its staff do. Some covering letter, huh?