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Official Cities Skylines 2 mod support finally on the way from Paradox

Official Cities Skylines 2 mod support has been announced by Paradox, with ways to create and share mods being made available very soon.

Cities Skylines 2 mod support Paradox: a top down shot of some intersecting highways

Official Cities Skylines 2 mod support is finally within touching distance, as Colossal Order and Paradox detail how we’ll be able to build, share, and play with mods through the in-built game interface. Players have been hard at work on CS2 mods already, but the scope of what gets made and how people find them is about to change for the better. Later this month we’ll finally get mod support, alongside the first post-launch asset pack, Beach Properties.

Starting on Monday, March 25 Cities Skylines 2 mods will be accessible through the modding beta. This is an in-game editor that will let you make map or code mods in Cities Skylines 2, with creations then shareable and playable via the Paradox Mods platform in the city-building game.

The Paradox Mods platform will also let players curate available mods and add mods into one-click playsets for ease of use. Asset modding tools and further options will be released throughout 2024.

Three developer diaries will be coming this week to detail modding as well, with an introduction to Paradox Mods, the Map Editor, and Code Modding all getting looked at.

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“Modding is part of the lifeblood of Cities: Skylines, and starting our Modding Beta is going to be a transformative step for Cities Skylines 2,” Colossal Order CEO Mariina Hallikainen says. “The creativity and feedback from our players are what makes this community what it is. We can’t wait to see how everyone puts these tools to use, and work alongside them to make sure everyone is empowered to make the cities of their dreams.”

If you want some help with your burgeoning metropolis, we’ve got a Cities Skylines 2 road guide to help you out alongside a look at all the Cities Skylines 2 commercial mechanics too.

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