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Cities: Skylines lets you build your own university with the Campus DLC

Your city could use a little more education

Cities: Skylines gets some higher education later this month with the launch of Campus, the latest DLC pack for one of the best management games on PC. As the name suggests, the expansion is all about building universities for your city, and you’ll be able to designate zones for your campuses and plop down academic buildings to create your own trade school, liberal arts college, or university.

Your school’s reputation will build up as you pull in new students and make Academic Works, which will unlock nine facility buildings for campuses. There will also be a big focus on collegiate sports, letting you build arenas for football (the American kind), basketball, baseball, track and field, and swimming – all of which will offer management detail and plenty of profits to bring in.

The expansion also brings seven new policies – book fairs, for-profit education, and research grants are noted on the Steam page – and you’ll also have five new maps to play around on. There’ll be a museum to show off cool science, and some new graduation ceremonies for your citizens to celebrate.

Perhaps most importantly, you’ll get three new hats for Chirper.

Check out some of the features in action through the trailer above.

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Campus is set to launch on May 21. There’s no price listed just yet, but most full DLC packs for Cities: Skylines have been available for $12.99 / £9.99 / €12.99.