Grant the right to party in Cities: Skylines Concerts expansion


Without a song or a dance, what are we? Abba never actually said, but the clear implication is: not as good as otherwise. Now this missing aspect of your citizens’ lives is finally being added to Cities: Skylines in the Concerts mini-expansion.

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The DLC will let you plan and promote concerts and music festivals in your cities – there are new festival ground buildings, new city ordinances for driving ticket sales, and new laws and budget options to manage and monetise crowds.

You can invite a number of muiscal acts to play in your town, and though the devs have correctly given the release trailer a rock soundtrack, it’s clear that one performer is a Daft Punk tribute band. So, something for everyone.

The Concerts expansion is out now and yours for £4.99 ($6.99). Pick it up on Steam here.

It’ll need the base game to play. If you’ve yet to get in on one of the best city builders on the market right now, Cities: Skylines is on Steam here and discounted by 75% (to £5.74, or $7.49) until August 21.

Here’s the announcement by Paradox.