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There’s something off about the music in this Cities: Skylines Natural Disasters trailer

Cities Skylines meteor strike

Natural disasters are a terrible, life-shattering thing that can tear through entire communities, so they’re perhaps a bit of a raw subject to tackle in videogames. Cities: Skylines attempts to sidestep this by releasing a new trailer for its Natural Disasters update and backing it with the most jovial elevator music you’ve ever heard.

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Meteor strikes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires and floods – the Natural Disasters update will do its best to ruin your city planning in an instant, forcing you to rebuild on the ash.

These add a new layer of challenge to city mayors, asking them to respond and deploy the right countermeasures before buildings and infrastructure will suffer untold destruction.

You’ll need to try keep things running as as fire and flood sweep through town. In addition, a new Scenario Mode allows for custom challenges to be designed and shared through Steam Workshop.

If you’re one of those mayors who gets bored easily, you can even call these acts of god in yourself. I suppose that’s one way to get demolition work done quick. Watch the trailer above.