Cities Skylines DLC Financial Districts teaches you to make bank

New Cities Skylines DLC Financial Disctricts is here, and it lets you focus on banking, investments, and the stock market in the city-building game

: a tall building in front of a clear blue sky and cityscape, and the building has lots of windows and a giant gold coin on the front of it

As far as city-building games go, Cities Skylines DLC and the excellent base game make it one of the best. So, you’ll be glad to hear that a new DLC pack called “Financial Districts” is available now for the game on Steam and across all platforms. Part of a Cities Skylines expansion series that adds ten vastly different mini-DLCs, Financial Districts adds exactly what you think it does: ways to make money.

You’ll be able to make a large number of investments for the citizens of your city, from the likes of deathcare, healthcare, oil, ore, farming, generic industry, and logistics. All of which can be tracked in the game’s new stock trading app.

This Cities Skylines DLC also adds a series of new buildings like the stock exchange and banks. Stock exchanges unlock a tax income bonus for office buildings in the area and to the stock exchange itself, while banks collect money from commercial zone buildings in new transport vans that lower crime in the area.

You can also go for the financial district specialisation when you reach the ‘Big Town’ milestone in the Cities Skylines DLC, which “features a new visual style, and generates higher taxes than basic office zones but decreases happiness,” while tax income bonuses increase if a stock exchange is close by.

Check out the trailer for Cities Skylines DLC Financial Districts below, which is available now on Steam.

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If you check out the DLC on Steam, there’s also a free patch on top of the paid expansion, which adds quite the lengthy list of changes and improvements while acknowledging some known issues.

What does this DLC mean for all those Cities Skylines mods you might have installed then? Well you don’t need to worry as the game’s subreddit has highlighted how to keep your Cities Skylines modded save safe amid the patch notes, and what to do if the Cities Skylines DLC does in fact break some of your installed mods.

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