City builder Cities: Skylines marks seven years with a birthday patch

Alongside some birthday-themed goodies, the Cities: Skylines patch also includes some handy fixes for bugs that came with the Airports DLC

Cities: Skylines seventh anniversary patch

City-building game Cities: Skylines is now seven years old, so Colossal Order is celebrating with a wee birthday patch. You can download the update on Steam already as it’s recently gone live.

First off, the birthday goodies. The update adds a heap of content related to mascot Chirper. You’ve got a new Chirper hot air balloon alongside a new tour building for big ol’ inflatables. A birthday celebration wouldn’t be complete without a party hat, so you’ve got a Chirper-themed one. Finally, there are event-appropriate chirps.

Cities: Skylines patch 1.14.1-f2 – if we’re giving it its full name – also comes with oodles of fixes for the Airports expansion. Blimps and helicopters will no longer jitter when you try to place them, using mods will no longer stop achievements from unlocking, and several issues with languages like overflowing text and incorrect asset names have been addressed. If you’d like to read the patch notes in full, you can find them over on the Steam forums.

If you haven’t tried Cities: Skylines yet, the good news is that it’s currently free on Epic until March 17, so there are still a good few days left to grab it.

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