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Topic of the Week: Who will you play in Civ 6?

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Civilization 6 is nearly here, just a couple of weeks away on October 21. Weekly reveals of civilizations have left us with an absolute host of them to choose from, spanning modern America to middle-ages Kongo and round past feudal Japan. The question becomes - who will you play as?

For a list to choose from, check our Civilization 6 civs guide.

Resident PCGN ancient overlord Phil Iwaniuk finds India rather fascinating, with multi-religious focus and Gandhi's legendary pacifism. They're a civ that wants everyone to get along, and, at least in games past, isn't afraid to drop the bomb to make it happen. Joel is feeling a bit more warlike, leaning towards the Gorgo version of Greece, going for culture victories through any means necessary. Ben, meanwhile, wishes to play as Sumeria, because their leader Gilgamesh looks like a man made purely out of bricks and may be more legend than real.

What about you? With the announcement of multiple leaders per civ, is there someone who would convince you to play as a civ you've otherwise dismissed? Or are you all about the power, and will play whoever gets the most OP special unit in the most optimum era? Let us know in the comments below.

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Aever avatarSalvador avatarSir Adrian avatar
Aever Avatar
1 Year ago

I'm not sure. First of all, I never liked the "specialization" of each civilization. I don't want to be feel forced to play X civilization to most easily go for victory type Y. Secondly, the cartoon aesthetics of the leaders don't inspire me in any way.

If I was to hazard a guess, I'd go with England or Norway, since I like to play games with lots of islands. Makes defense easier and reduces the diplomatic spam.

Salvador Avatar
1 Year ago

Spain for sure. Loved doing holy wars in Civ V and this looks like something Firaxis have expanded on really well.

Sir Adrian Avatar
1 Year ago

Roma Invicta!!!