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Civilization IV’s Baba Yetu gets an excellent saxophone quartet cover

Another rad cover of Baba Yetu comes our way

There’s always debate on which is the best Civilization game, but there’s no argument on what the best piece of music out of the series happens to be. The only real question is whether Baba Yetu is the greatest piece of Civilization music, or the greatest piece of music ever recorded. Now we can enjoy the song in its ultimate form, with a saxophone quartet cover.

Coming to us courtesy of the appropriately-named Saxy Gamer, along with fellow YouTuber Dave Pollack on tenor and baritone sax, the recorded quartet – along with a bit of percussion in the background – provides one of the most fun Baba Yetu covers we’ve seen since the Angel City Chorale choir took the tune to America’s Got Talent.

Baba Yetu was composed by Christopher Tin for Civilization IV, and it later won a Grammy award in the the Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalists category – it was the first game song ever even nominated for a Grammy. The lyrics are a translation of the traditional Lord’s Prayer into Swahili.

You can check out the sax quartet cover below.

The original is also available for your listening pleasure on YouTube.

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Civ is still inspiring players around the world, and recently that’s meant fans are building Civ 6 Wonders while visiting those locations in real life. As long as we’re getting real world Civ in these conditions rather than pacifist-sponsored nuclear war, I think we’re doing alright.