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Civilization Online puts you in the boots of a citizen and lets you wage war on other players


Civilization Online is a thing. But, rather than simply take the game we know and love and put in hundreds of players, it will have you play one citizen within a civilization. There are four competing civilizations per server and you’ll work with other players to make your civilization better than all the rest.

You can win, too.

Here’s the reveal trailer. It reveals nothing:

Powered by the CryEngine 3, Civilzation Online will be a game that runs on a tight cycle. Each server will have players co-operating to have the faction meet some of the win conditions first. The server then resets and they go at it again. While the macro game rinses and repeats, players will be able to advance individual stats and have that carry over.

It’s a spiffing idea. Not least because suddenly all those different technologies available in the Civilization games now have tangible purpose. Galleys, once researched, will carry players around the world, allowing them to explore and find new places to settles.

Research will open up your land, too. Explore an area early in the game and you may find resources like coal and wood; later in the game you’ll find uranium and oil.

Civilization Online wouldn’t be channeling Sid Meier if it didn’t feature wonders and developer XLGames are keen to comply: hundreds of players will need to work together to build a wonder. Resources will need to be brought in from around the world to finish the construction. It’s like a constructive raid.

War will be a big part of life. Civilizations can start conflicts with one another and players will take part in the battles. Generals will be needed, so players can rise the ranks and command armies of other players.

Leadership isn’t just for the battlefield: players can manage cities, too; directing what should be bought, built, and upgraded.

There’s still no release date. Though, apparently, 2K Games and XLGames have been working on the game since 2010.

Cheers, MMORPG.