Civ 6 spring update announced, will add Persia and one other new civilisation

Civ 6 Persia

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is getting a major new update some time in the spring. Besides the usual balance changes and bug fixes, it will also contain two new civilisations, one of which has been revealed: Persia.

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Led by Cyrus II (aka, ‘the Great’), Persia look like a good choice for cultural or military victories. Their unique unit, the Immortal, gets a ranged attack as well as strong melee defence, and Cyrus’s leader ability gives bonus movement for all units and reduced diplomatic penalties when declaring surprise wars.

If you’re a more of a builder than a brawler, Persia get the Pairidaeza as a unique tile improvement. It provides culture, gold and appeal, with bonuses for adjacent districts and city centres. Those yields increase as you advance through the tech and civics trees, so if you build a lot of them early, you’re well-positioned to be a late-game cultural or economic power. Finally, Persia’s unique faction ability grants a free trade route when Political Philosophy is researched, plus bonuses to internal trade route yields.

Accompanying the Persian news on Steam is the announcement of a “Double Civilisation and Scenario Pack”. It confirms that we’ll get a second new civ, and presumably some new scenarios related to both it and Persia, alongside the spring update. This new DLC will be available free to anyone with the deluxe edition of Civ VI.

Other than ‘spring’, we don’t know exactly when the update is due or who the second civ will be, but we’ll be sure to let you know when we do.

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