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Firaxis detail Civilization 6: Rise and Fall’s ages, loyalty, governors, and more

civilaztion 6 rise and fall dedications eras loyalty governers

Civilization VI’s first full-size expansion, Rise and Fall, will be out in just a few short weeks. In case you’ve missed out on the trickle of reveals for all the new features, Firaxis have provided a fancy, trailer-based rundown for everything coming in the new add-on.

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The biggest change to your typical campaign is the scoring of Eras, which now have the power to send you into either Golden Ages or Dark Ages depending on your performance. At the outset of each era, you select a Dedication – like religion or military – which gives you a related stat bonus and adds to your Era score depending on how effectively you’ve pursued that dedication. Achievements like founding a religion or navigating the globe also add to your score, helping your civ to make the most of the next age.

There’s also a new Loyalty mechanic, which measures how willing individual cities are to follow your rule. High Loyalty means more productive cities, while low Loyalty means lower yields and, eventually, cities in revolt. A town can declare itself a Free City, which will then be open for the taking by any civ that can earn its Loyalty, or taken over by force.

Governors aid in maintaining Loyalty, and add other abilities when they’re assigned to certain cities. There are seven types of governors, offering everything from unique improvements or inspiring rival cities to revolt. There are also new ways to pursue alliances, including emergencies that bring civs together for a common purpose.

That’s on top of the selection of new civilisations, leaders, wonders, units, and more. You can see it all run down in the video above, or check out everything we know about Civ VI: Rise and Fall for even more detail.