Firaxis speak about Civilization 6’s polarising art style in new video

Civilization 6

Civilization 6’s art certainly has provoked some opinions, eh? I’ve seen people comparing it to a mobile game, a Facebook game, calling it an abomination and all sorts of other negativity.

I think the bright colours and striking design really pop with Civ, personally. However you feel about it, you’ve probably been pondering about the thought process behind the game’s art. We’ve got you covered. 

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One of the big inspirations for the art style was old cartography maps – you know, the old style maps with the wonderful illustrations – so the fog of war is traced over in that style and your steps through the world fold it back, filling it in with colour.

Time of day will also affect how the world looks, while various destructive states on buildings will give the maps a lived-in feel.

Why not watch the video and hear it fromAat director Brian Busatti’s lips. It’s embedded below: